DynaVap NonaVonG-XLS


Vendor: DynaVap SKU: DV-VF-400-LW

DynaVap NonaVonG-XLS

Brand: Dynavap 

Model: Nonavong XLS 

Colors: Dark Wood, Light Wood 

Product Type: Dry Herb & Concentrate

  • Spinning Mouthpiece 
  • Sleek Design 45mm Wood Body with Titanium Tip 
  • Trisected Nonagon Geometry Visual Piece of Art 
  • Roll Resistant 9 Sided 
  • User-Controlled Air to Vapor Ratio 
  • Almost Indestructible 
  • Perfect Micro Dosing 
  • 3 Versions Standard: No Mouthpiece 3.25, S: Spinning Mouthpiece and 3.25 Inches Long, XLS: Same as S but 4.25 Inches Long 
  • Quick 5 to 10 Second Heat Up Time 
  • Never Need to Worry About Charging 


Description: About DynaVap NonaVong - XLS 

Ah, the aristocrat, renaissance man or woman, or the artist in you comes alive when using this piece of functional art. Too much? Maybe, but one thing for sure is that Nonavong (along with pretty much everything from Dynavap) is a beautiful designed manual vaporizer. It’s simple to use as well. One-click is all you need to know that you’re ready to go. It uses a torch or lighter (torch has a faster result and their refillable so you can save the planet and some money), which means you never have to remember to charge it, don’t forget you’re lighting device of choice. 


Great For 

If your anything like Lynard Skynards song Simple Man because the NonaVong is simple to use and looks pretty beautiful. 


Included in the Box: 

  • NonaVong By DynaVap 
  • Plastic Tube 
  • Owner’s Manual 

DynaVap NonaVong XLS Specifications: 

Material: Wood 

Heating Element: Titanium 

Heat Up Time: 5 to 10 Seconds 

Size: Standard: 3.25 in, S: 3.25 in, XLS 4.25 in 

Power Source: Torch or Standard Lighter 

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