Boundless Technology Replacement Chamber Screens (Select Device)


CF (2 Pack)CF (2 Pack)
CFX (2 Pack)CFX (2 Pack)
CFV (2 Pack)CFV (2 Pack)
CFC 2.0 (2 Pack)CFC 2.0 (2 Pack)
Tera (5 Pack)Tera (5 Pack)
CFC Lite (2 Pack)CFC Lite (2 Pack)
Vendor: Boundless Tech SKU: BT-VF-SCR-CF

Boundless Technology Replacement Chamber Screens (Select Device)

Brand: Boundless Technology

Model: Chamber Screens

Options: CF, CFX, CFV, CFC 2.0, Tera, & CFC Lite

Product Type: Replacement Parts

Chamber screens are intended to sit at the bottom of the herb chamber and maintains that no direct contact is being made between the heating element and material being loaded into the chamber.

It is necessary to maintain cleanliness of the chamber screens in order for your Boundless unit to run at full potential.

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