Arizer Air Replacement Parts

$2.99 – $29.99

Glass Aroma TubeGlass Aroma Tube
Glass Aroma Tube CurvedGlass Aroma Tube Curved
Tipped Glass Aroma TubeTipped Glass Aroma Tube
Mouthpiece TipMouthpiece Tip
Frosted Glass Aroma TubeFrosted Glass Aroma Tube
Glass Aroma DishGlass Aroma Dish
Stem Cap PackStem Cap Pack
Screen PackScreen Pack
Car ChargerCar Charger
Wall ChargerWall Charger
Vendor: Arizer SKU: AR-PTS-AIR1-R01

Arizer Air Replacement Parts

Brand: Arizer

Model: Air

Options: Glass Aroma Tube (Straight), Glass Aroma Tube (Curved), Tipped Glass Aroma Tube, Mouthpiece Tip, Frosted Glass Aroma Tube, Glass Aroma Dish, Stem Cap Pack, Screen Pack, Car Charger, & Wall Charger

Product Type: Replacement Parts


Glass Aroma Tube (Straight)

Includes: 1 Solo Glass Aroma Tube

Glass Aroma Tube (Curved)

Includes: 1 Curved Glass Aroma Tube

Tipped Glass Aroma Tube

Includes: 1 Tipped Glass Aroma Tube 

Mouthpiece Tip 

Includes: 1 Replacement Mouthpiece Tip for Solo Tipped Glass Aroma Tubes  

Frosted Glass Aroma Tube

Includes: 1 Frosted Glass Aroma Tube for connecting third-party glass attachments.

Glass Aroma Dish

Includes: 1 Glass Aroma Dish for potpourri / aromatherapy.

Stem Cap Pack

Includes: 4 Silicone Stem Caps for pre-loading Solo Glass Aroma Tubes, and / or protecting pockets, purses, and surfaces from hot glass.

Made with high quality, food / medical grade, heat-rated silicone.

Screen Pack

Includes: 6 High Quality Stainless Steel Filter Screens for Solo Glass Aroma Tubes

Note: Metal screens are available for your convenience but they make vapor harsh and diminish the flavors. The Solo Glass Aroma Tubes have a built-in glass screen to keep vapor pure and flavorful so we recommend using whole or coarsely ground botanicals with no metal screen for smooth and tasty vapor.

Car Charger 

Includes: 1 Car Charger 

Wall Charger 

Includes: 1 Wall Charger



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