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Doobies, joints, blunts, cross-joints, mega joints, j’s, are all names for herb rolled up into a piece of paper or blunt wrap and are considered rolling papers. There are many variations of rolling papers. Some are made out of traditional wood pulp and others are made out of gold! That’s right gold rolling papers! We are going to breakdown the pros and cons of each rolling paper material and how you can enhance your rolling experience. 

The original rolling papers which are made from different types of trees. They are known for being inexpensive, easy to roll with, and extremely accessible. There are two downsides to wood pulp rolling papers, they burn fast and are typically bleached. Another thing is that they require trees to be cut down unlike sustainable materials like hemp that are easily grown. Find Zig Zag Rolling papers sold here!


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These are only for the elite smokers, were talking royalty. Her majesty, the Queen of England only rolls her joints that are made gold rolling papers. We're kidding. However, you can own gold rolling papers made out of gold for about $24. They are definitely the most expensive out of the rolling paper materials, however, if you are looking for a conversation piece, these would definitely "spark" a conversation.


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Another all-natural rolling paper material, rice, is another great way to smoke a joint. They are known for their nice slow-burning sessions. Rice rolling papers are super clean and light. They allow you to taste your herbs because they are made without chemicals. Besides the added benefit of being an all-natural rolling paper, rice is sustainably grown material. Rice rolling papers don't produce much ash and are easy to roll with. Flavored rolling papers are a unique way to get your smoke on. Juicy Jays are exactly that, juicy. You can get fruit flavored rolling papers that create a flavorful experience. Organically grown is used to describe food, herbs, or meat that are grown without the use of GMOs and the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. When it comes to organic hemp rolling papers, they are usually are free of bleach and other unnecessary chemical additives like glues. They provide one of the purest joint smoking experiences. These are the top of the line when it comes to smoking. Organic hemp rolling papers are made out of the male cannabis plant which is easily grown and sustainable unlike standard paper joints. Smoking organic hemp joints is a pleasurable experience because they burn slower and last longer than standard wood pulp papers. We carry are all your favorite brands, elements rolling papers are found here as well as raw rolling papers!



Best Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

RAW Rolling Paper Organic Hemp King Size Slim (1-Pack) $1.99

RAW Rolling Paper Organic Hemp 1 1/4 (1-Pack) $1.99

OCB Rolling Paper Unbleached Organic Hemp 1 1/4 (1-Pack) $1.99

OCB Rolling Paper Premium 1 1/4 (1-Pack) $1.99

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