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Bongs have a rich history throughout the world. We're still unsure who created it first, but we know that bongs have been found in Laos, Thailand, and Africa. In 2013 excavations in Russia found Scythian tribal chiefs fashioned bongs made out of gold to smoke cannabis and other materials. China, in the 16th century, experienced a massive increase in the number of bongs made. This was primarily due to the rise in tobacco from the settlers in the Americas. Chinese bongs were made out of bamboo and bronze or brass. Usually, the lower class would have bamboo bongs while the wealthy would use bronze or brass bongs.


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Choosing the right grinder for you is as simple as figuring out what your needs are. Do you like to grind and vape or smoke right away? Then a 2-piece grinder would be the best solution. Do you lack storage and like to pre-grind your dry herb for future use? A 3-piece or 4-piece grinder would be the best solution. The difference between a 3-piece and 4-piece grinder is that 4-piece grinders offer storage and catch pollen from dry herbs. Pollen is typically the most potent part of the dry herb.


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Luckily the person naming bongs didn't make it to difficult for us to understand. The beaker bong is literally the shape of a beaker with the added feature of a downstem and bowl. The cool thing about these bongs is they function the same way as any other bong and can come with a carburetor or just a classic rip and pull bong. Beaker bongs have a flat base meaning they a larger surface area. A percolator bong is a glass that dissipates the smoke before it passes through the water, causing a bubbling effect in the bong. It is believed to filter and cool faster. Like the multi-chamber bong, it can be harder to clean. Typically found in multi-chambered bongs are ice-catchers, another feature designed to cool down the smoke.  

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The bucket gravity bong works based on a vacuum design. Gravity bongs work by creating negative space in the chamber. As the user pulls the portion containing the material, the falling water level causes negative space to be filled with smoke, and when you push down, the water pushes the smoke up.

These can be made at home. However, if you're looking for a stylish bong that can also be used for home décor, check out.

Bong Anatomy: Different Parts of the Bong
This section will go over the basic anatomy of bongs.

Bowls and Down Stems
Bowls are where you pack your dry herbs. It is made out of glass, quartz or borosilicate glass. Most bowls are broad and deep, which fit various sizes of joints. There are different sizes of bowls that go by mm. They also go by gender, male or female. Female joints or downstems are wider and males are narrower. Typical joint sizes are 10.5mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Like bowls, they go by genders as well using both male and female.

14mm Male Bowl Pieces
Best 14mm Male Bowl Pieces Under $15

Funnel Bowl Piece With Marble 14mm $10.00 

Multi Color Bowl Piece 14mm Male $12.00 

Multi Stipe Bowl Piece 14mm Male $12.00 

Best Mid-Range Male Bowl 19mmPieces

Gloss Black Bowl Piece 14mm $18.00 

Green Bowl Piece 14mm $18.00 

Best High-End Male Bowl 19mm Pieces
Dichro Swirl Bowl Piece 14mm $22.00 

19mm Male Bowl Pieces
Best 19mm Male Bowl Pieces Under $15

Funnel Bowl Piece 19mm $8.00 

Cylinder Bowl Piece 19mm $8.50 

Rasta Bowl Piece 19mm $12.00 

Best Mid-Range 19mm Male Bowl Pieces

Lattacino Bowl Piece 19mm $12.00 

Rasta Swirl Bowl Piece 19mm $12.00 

Best High-End Male 19mm Bowl Pieces

Clear Bowl Piece 19mm $18.00 

Glow In The Dark Bowl Piece 19mm $35.00 

The part that transfers the smoke from the bowl to the water is the slide and downstem. Downstems connect through the bong's joint. The bong downstem is a simple tool but can have different features. They can have diffused (holes at the bottom), which act as a secondary percolator. The essential attributes to pay attention to are the length and diameter of the downstem. The diameter of the downstem is measured in millimeters (mm) and the size is typically measured in inches. Downstems have different measurements one for the part that inserts to the bong joint and the other measurement for where the bowl inserts.

Best 14mm/14mm-2”

Downstem 14mm/14mm - 2" $10.00 

Best 19mm/ 14mm Downstems

Downstem 19mm/14mm - 4" $10.00 

Downstem 19mm/14mm - 4.5" $10.00 

Downstem 19mm/14mm-5” $10.00 

Downstem 19mm/14mm - 6" $10.00 

Best 19mm/19mm Downstems

Downstem 19mm/19mm 8" $10.00 

Best 29mm/19mm Downstems

Downstem 29mm/19mm 5.5" $25.00 

Make sure you know the correct size of the joint attachments. This part is where the gender and size play a part.

Ash Catcher
The name is pretty simple. It doesn't capture the Pokémon character Ash, which would be ironic since the guy would capture innocent Pokémon. These catch ash that would have otherwise fell into your bong water.

Ice Catchers
These are a fantastic addition to bongs because they keep ice in the bong, which cools the smoke as it passes through.

What to look for in a bowl attachment?
The first thing is making sure that the size and gender of the attachment are correct. We've all been there before going home excited only to find out you bought the wrong part! Deep bowls allow for more material, but you will have a previously burnt material if you are flavor purest. Borosilicate glass is the best material.

What to look for in a Bong?
The critical thing to look for in a bong is the thickness of the glass, percolators, and joint size if you plan on using already owned bowl pieces. The next thing is the number of chambers and percolators. These produce different smoking experiences, and you should pay attention to this fact.

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